Horizontal Single Axis Tracker with Tilt Module

TThe horizontal single axis tracker with tilt module is Arctech’s unique approach to horizontal tracking and is based on a compact design and high increase in yield. In this tracker, modules are not mounted horizontally but at a specific tilt angle depending on the latitude of project site.

Datasheet (pdf)

The rotation axis of the tracker remains horizontal to the ground and moves the panels in an east-west direction.

This tracker is especially suitable for optimizing energy production in mid and high latitude locations.

Most of this product’s other features are similar to those of our standard horizontal single axis tracker.

High Returns on Investment

With only a 5-10% investment increase, Arctech’s horizontal single axis tracker will help achieve a better ROI(Return On Investment) and IRR(Internal Rate of Return) by boosting power generation up to 30% depending on the project location.